Academic Intervention System

Using the Academic Intervention System

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Using the Academic Intervention System

Academic Intervention works with items in the Gradebook

Academic Intervention rules are based on iLearn Gradebook results and create alerts to student performance based on those rules. There are three types of rules that can be created:

Grade Rule: Identifies when a students' performance on an Assignment or Assessment is equal to or below a defined level. It is also possible to set a Grade Rule that identifies when a student exceeds a performance level. This can be a useful tool for positive feedback.

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Due Date Rule: Identifies when a student does not complete course work by a specified due date. A Due Date Rule can only be used to track an assignment or assessment created using the iLearn Test Manager. Due Date Rules cannot be created for manully graded items.

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Last Access Rule: Identifies the last time a student accessed the course online.

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