Academic Intervention System

Who Should Participate

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Who Should Use the Early Warning System?

  • Do you have experience using the iLearn Gradebook?
  • Do you have a variety of assessments activities available in your course (tests, quizzes, assignments)?
  • Are you comfortable using the iLearn Control Panel?

If you answered yes to these questions we would like you to consider participating in a pilot program in conjunction with The Learning Center and Computing & Communications. This program will utilize a set of tools in iLearn that will alert faculty and The Learning Center to students who may be struggling, and allows the instructor, with the assistance of the Learning Center, to proactively intercede on the student’s behalf. By defining a set of performance metrics, faculty and Learning Center staff can monitor student performance on gradebook items and course access.The Academic Intervention Systemcan then be used to communicate warnings to Students and Observers that a performance problem is beginning to appear or has become more serious.

What Type of Course Is a Good Candidate To Use With the Early Warning System?

Courses with frequent use of tests and quizzes, and assignments with due dates work well with the Academic Intervention System. Student performance will be measured based on several rule types:

  • Grade Rule: Does a test score fall above or below a defined threshold?
  • Due Date Rule: Is an assignment overdue?
  • Last Access Rule: When was the last time a student logged into your iLearn course?

TheAcademic InterventionSystem will trigger alerts for individual students based on these rule criteria.

Key Points to Consider

  • The Early Warning System does not automatically monitor the course or detect problems. The instructor must create grade rules and refresh the display to view up-to-date results.
  • The Early Warning System does not automatically send notifications. This is left to the discretion of the instructor.
  • The Early Warning System keeps a log of alerts sent to students. The log is searchable and can be used to verify that a student was alerted to a problem.

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