Academic Intervention System

Academic Intervention System Overview

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The Early Warning System is a set of tools within iLearn that allow faculty to define performance metrics for specific course items and to track student performance based on those metrics.

The Early Warning System can make the instructor aware of students who may be struggling academically and allows the instructor to proactively intercede on the students' behalf.

The tool can then be used to communicate warnings to students or observers that a performance problem is beginning to appear or has become more serious.

  • Warnings can be triggered based on graded performance, late or missing coursework, or attendance within the online course.
  • The instructor can choose to communicate the warning to the student only, to the student and a parent or other observer, or just the students' observer.
  • The instructor has control over the content of the message and the timing of its release.
  • The instructor can use a default message or modify it to more accurately communicate the seriousness of the situation.

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