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What is the Early Warning System?

The Early Warning System is a set of tools in iLearn designed to give instructors a proactive method of identifying struggling students. The Early Warning System can aid instructors and supplemental support personnel by applying performance metrics to iLearn Gradebook items.

Why Use the Early Warning System

  • What are the indicators that a student is experiencing academic difficulty in a course(s)?
  • How do we identify those students who are having general academic problems?
  • At what point in a course of study does a student exhibit the first indications of having academic difficulty?
  • When do we intervene to increase the possibility of the student turning around an initially poor performance?

The accepted method has been to measure performance via testing assessments. Realizing that performance based testing is still of great value, we need to find intermediate steps to identify students who are experiencing academic difficulty.

We as educators need to look at predictors outside of the high-stakes mid-term or final exam.

For example, what is the nature of the student’s engagement with a course? Is the student actively participating in the course and accessing the course materials? Is the student meeting other (non-assessed) criteria of the course such as regular attendance and participation?

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